Josh Wold's Great Strength Band Fund


Our Reason

Joshua James Wold was an active and integral part of the Indy music scene for the majority of his life. Starting with his very first band around the age of 13 and spanning the next several decades, Joshua would be a member of/collaborate with numerous bands including Dead Beach and most notably Pessoa.

Like many in the Indy scene, for Josh making music was not centered around money or fame but rather the art, energy at each show and the shared experience. Many remember performances by Pessoa and like bands as crucial moments in their "coming of the age" story. Every show was a social and cultural experience that not only created an escape but also cultivated relationships and even personalities. The Indy music scene met and grew up together in basements and houses across the state.

 This fund has been created to remember and celebrate the life of Joshua and to help bring the music and experience he so loved to more people by helping the artists who make it. Whether you were in the crowd or in the band, Joshua made every one of us feel welcome and loved. Let us too carry this mentality forward by supporting and welcoming local musicians of all styles and sounds.  

Our Goal

Josh Wold's Great Strength Band Fund was created with the goal to help local musicians and bands achieve their dreams.  We plan to help with services such as money for gas, tours, studio time, merchandise start up, advertising, instrument repair, etc. We also plan to use this website and other media outlets to drive interest and traffic to the artists and local shows, labels and organizations.

By doing this we hope to help local musicians spur their creativity and share it with others.   





October 1st, 2016

3pm - ???


Spunk Manor

1850 Bosart Ave
Indianapolis, IN




If you would like to contribute, 100% of funds will go towards helping local musicians and bands with an array of career growing opportunities from studio time to gas money. 

Currently we can only accept cash and checks. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Make checks payable to:

Josh Wold's Great Strength Band Fund

Send to:

PO Box 488

Danville, IN 46122